Links to organizations that TEF believes would be of interest to our followers.


The American Family Association
America's Pro Family Action Web Site

The Lynn Woolley Show home of The Lynn Woolley Show.

Christian Coalition
Christian Coalition offers people of faith the vehicle to be actively involved in impacting the issues they care about - from the county courthouse to the halls of Congress.

Daughters of Liberty

The Justice Foundation
Protecting the fundamental freedoms and rights of the preservation of American society.
Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education

Wall Builders
Presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation.

TEA Party Photos
This website is dedicated to showing picture-proof that the majority is not silent and they plan on taking back their government.

Empowered Patriots
"I am Ray Holt. I am a natural born USA citizen.....I love this country. I am an Empowered Patriot. What about you?