News & Notes July 30th, 2012

C-SPAN2 COVERED THE 19TH ANNUAL COLLEGIANS SUMMIT ON JULY 19-20. Nearly 250 college students from across the nation gathered at the Heritage Foundation to hear from a star-studded lineup. C-SPAN Book TV recorded the morning session both days. The Summit opened with brief comments by Phyllis Schlafly, president and founder of Eagle Forum.

Rep. Allen West gave a speech on why "U.S. Military Superiority is the Key to Peace." "We have to recognize those three words from Reagan, true forever and ever: peace through strength," said Rep. West.

Rep. Michele Bachmann encouraged students to "Marry well. Have children. Live life." Phyllis Schlafly emphasized that "it should be done in that order." When a student asked Rep. Bachmann what it is like to be a constant target for the Left. Bachmann replied: "It's worth the fight."

The most conservative member of the New York Congressional Caucus, Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, shared how her parents are first-generation immigrants from Italy and how her 2010 campaign for Congress was considered a long-shot-but her hard work resulted one of the biggest upset wins in the 2010 election cycle. "If you have a dream and a goal: you can achieve it; you can do it in America." Rep. Buerkle told students. 

Sen. Rand Paul talked about what's its like "Going Against the Status Quo." He told students "You might be an economic illiterate if you believe that roads create business success instead of the other way around."

Sen. Jim Inhofe encouraged students to stand up for what's right even if it's unpopular, and gave a speech on "The Greatest Hoax." "Hysteria regarding 'Global Warming' has resulted in overregulation, and silly attempts to regulate things like farm dust."

Sen. Jim DeMint told students: "You need to know what you believe and apply it." He encouraged students to "take friends to the polls with them, and make sure they are informed and help people get the facts."

After lunch, Lila Rose gave a speech on how her Pro-life activism started after seeing graphic images of babies killed by abortion. You can see her most resent investigative videos at her website: "Life is about more than what we want. Life is about service and leaving our world a better place," said Lila. Rep.  Steve King spoke on why "We Need the English Language to be E Pluribus Unum" and implored students to consider that they "will be defenders of our freedom."Rep. Louie Gohmert gave a speach on "Standing on Principle"andRep. Jim Jordan explained how to "Take A Stand Against Obama." Rep. Trent Franks talked about H.R. 3541, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act that prohibits abortion on the basis of the unborn baby's gender, a problem recently highlighted by undercover videos released by Live Action, founded by Lila Rose, showing a Planned Parenthood clinic staff member instructing a woman how to obtain a late-term sex-selective abortion.
Jessica Anderson, the North Carolina Heritage ActionState Director, finished off the day with a speech on "The Debt Hanging Over the Millennial Generation." She encouraged students to pick an issue they are passionate about, and become an expert on it.

On Thursday evening, students were invited to  the Longworth U.S. House Building for dinner from Chick-Fil-A! Congressmen and women dropped by to talk with students including Rep. Dana RohrabacherRep. Steve King and Rep. Allen West.

Friday featured speeches by seven authors: Tad Armstrong, "It's Okay to Say 'God'"; Elizabeth Kantor, "The Jane Austen Guide to Happily Ever After"; Brett Decker, "Bowing to Beijing"; Katie Pavlich, "Fast & Furious: The Scandal & the Cover-up"; John Fund, "Who's Counting: How  Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk";  Phyllis Schlafly, "No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom"; and Phil Kerpen "Democracy Denied."

On Friday afternoon, students heard from Karin Agnessfrom the American Enterprise Institute talk about its Values & Capitalism series, Kitty Werthmann shared what it was like to "Live Under the Nazis," Carrie Severino gave a speech on "Are the Courts Important?" and Ryan Sorba talked about "What's So Big About Marriage?". Both days featured a panel of student activists sharing how they promote conservatism on their campuses. On Thursday, students heard from Zachary Freeman, Amanda Adamez, Josh McDaniel, Mary R. A. Coran. On Friday, students heard from Susanne Kelly, Jake Dagel, Yolanda Rodriguez, Katherine Alley.The Summit ended with speeches by recent college graduates who now work as conservative activists: Hadley Heath, Independent Women's Forum; Alex Schriver, College Republican National Committee; James Christophersen, Judicial Action Group; Katie Kieffer, Columnist & Political Commentator.